Copac Square apartment for rent has 82 sqm 2 bedrooms

Copac Square apartment for rent in District 4. 82 sqm of area on 20th floor. Living room and kitchen in same place, wood floor, white walls creates a spacious feeling to the room. The living room is decorated with drop light and simple ornaments very elegance. 2 Bedrooms have big windows very light, the window direct to beautiful city, bedroom have under bed drawers so convenient. 2 Bathrooms with fully furnished. Apartment also have indoor clothesline room. Apartment taking white is dominant color with fully furnished extremely comfortable.

The rental; $950/ month

Apartment in District 4 for rent at Copac Apartment, located on Ton Dan Street, own a prime location when near the center of District 1 by Khanh Hoi Bridge, from there resident can shopping and enjoy all the amenities of luxury or can relax at the apartments in the project and see the winding Saigon River, the bustling Nha Rong wharf.

Contact: Ms Nghi +84919 46 2121
Website: (EN) or (VI)
Add: 219A, Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

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